Thursday, 29 June 2017

Holiday Home Learning

Holiday Home Learning
  • Two weeks is a long time in learning.  Key skills need to be practiced daily, even over the holidays.
Spelling Practice
Maths - Reading - Writing Practice
Continue with your Stepsweb practice.

Focus on moving to the next Steps To Literacy Level. E.g. STL2 to STL3

Complete the set activities on Studyladder.

Complete a couple of tasks each day. Don’t leave them until the last minute because you will not be able to access them.
Extra for extension:
  • Create a short recount of an event or activity you were involved in over the holiday break.  The recount might be made up of photographs, a video, a song, a poem, stop-go animation, a cartoon strip... think creatively. Try this link for creating a poster.

  • Think about signing up for the ICT Kids Conference next term. Follow this link to learn more.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Fidget Spinners - persuasive writing

Fidget spinners have been very popular in our school recently. Some people (students and teachers)think that they are okay in the classroom and others think that they are a distraction from the work. Should Fidget Spinners be allowed in class during class time or not?

Please read our work and help us to make a decision. Share your thoughts on our survey link.
Year 8 Persuasive Writing
Year 7 Persuasive Writing
Josh R

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Quick Writes

WALT write for a range of audiences, in a range of contexts.
Purpose of a quick write

  • To encourage writing with meaning and enjoyment.
  • To have a real purpose and a real audience for your writing.

Success Criteria:
  • Complete a piece of writing within ten minutes.
  • Share your writing with your classmates.

Language Features :
  • Include at least one adverb.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Scale Factor with Parrots

understand and apply scale factor.

We will need to think about the invariant properties of our object when scaling to enlarge or scaling to reduce. Those invariant properties include angle and shape.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Earthworms On The Field

The West Coast is renowned for rain and beautiful scenery. At Karoro School we are renowned for great learners and a wonderful view of the Tasman Sea. Now there is a new claim to fame… giant earthworms!

Thursday, 2 February 2017


Kia ora

We are in the process of sweeping the page from 2016 and preparing for 2017. We hope to have updated the blog before the seasons change so awhi mai awhi atu.

Ms Kemp

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Symmetry In Art-Art in Symmetry

Geometry Art - Walt: use the invariant properties of figures and objects under transformation (reflection-whakaata, rotation-hurihanga, translation-nekehanga, or enlargement).
We learned that the invariant properties included internal angles, area, basic shape. When a shape is rotated the lengths, area and angles within the shape do not change but the orientation/position of the shape does. When a shape is reflected the lengths, area and angles within the shape do not change but the orientation/position of the shape does. When a shape is translated lengths, area, angles and orientation/position do not change. When a shape is enlarged (or reduced) by a scale factor angles and orientation do not change but area and lengths do.

Ina titiro koe ki nga pikitia nei, he aha ou kitenga?
(What do you notice when you look at these pictures?)

Ka kite tatou i etehi mea pangarau i roto i nga pikitia? (Can we recognise any mathematics ideas relating to symmetry in the pictures?)