Thursday, 12 April 2018

Callaghan's Ridge Tramp WPC

This awesome team has just completed their first William Pike Challenge tramp.  The location was Callaghan's Ridge, Shamrock Creek to Goldsborough. Thanks to all of the parents who provided vehicle support and to those parents who also walked with us. Tumeke hikoi Ruma Tahi!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Hermits in Sea Week

This week students were reading about the origin of garden gnomes,
the decorative hermit.

Practising Decorative Hermit-Hazel

Max - decorative hermit.
They also looked at hermit crabs and made links between the
two forms of ‘hermits’.

These students are busy practising to be decorative hermits.  A decorative hermit
signed on for the job for seven years. During that seven years they were not allowed
to wash or cut their hair, beard or fingernails!

The job application required students to read aloud in a melancholy voice.
Some students read aloud for forty-five minutes!
Poppy - practising decorative hermit

Arly - practising decorative hermit

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Meme Challenge

This month part of our photography challenge was to create a meme of our choice.  Here are a couple of clever ones created by Cameron. The challenge is on!

Photographic Challenge

This month we were asked to show our photographic skills. We have different aspects to focus on each week.  The following images came from our 'black and white' challenge.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Swim Safe - Why are the drowning statistics in New Zealand so high?

Ruma Tahi students researched information around drowning statistics in New Zealand. They thought about these in connection to stories from their own lives. 

Nga kŌwhiringa haumaru mā ngā tamariki atamai.  Safe choices by smart children.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Welcome to Ruma Tahi 2018

Kia ora everyone

Welcome to 2018.  This year Ruma Tahi is once again working with the William Pike Challenge organisation. We will require a lot of parent support to facilitate our participation in the William Pike Challenge for 2018. If you are available to support our activities please return all forms promptly so you can be included in our arrangements.

At the end of the year, one student in the classroom will be eligible to receive the William Pike Challenge award at our end of year break up evening.  That person will have demonstrated a positive attitude and effort in all of our challenges including the outdoor challenges, volunteer service, blogging, and new skill aspects of the programme. We look forward to working with students as they demonstrate success in this programme.

This week we welcomed the Super - Rugby cup into the classroom. After being handled by numerous students it was in need of a bit of a polish!

Swimming is the order of the day for the next few weeks and we are grateful to Greymouth High School for allowing us to use their pool this season.

Success is not the work of one but the work of many.
Ehara taku toa, i te toa takitahi, engari, i toa takitini.