Friday, 17 August 2018

Ski Day

Lesson One: One ski on and one ski off.

Jaxon gets a helping hand up the slope.

Jennae takes a moment to chill. Unexpectedly!

Bryce cruises up the magic carpet.

Grace, Daniel and Milan head back up the slope.

Cameron makes it all look easy.
Zac has no trouble with the jumps.
The usual suspects line up: Josh, Hannah, Arly, Nyah and Sean

Dakota and Billy line up while Milan practises her 'dab'.

Rebekah and Dakota

Josh has mastered the magic carpet.
Callan showed great balance.
Glenn and Daniel were an awesome team.
Max is ahead of the crew.
Clem was a fast learner.
Cullam leans into the uphill ride.

Eamon later graduated to the intermediate slope.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Palaeontology at Shantytown

Wednesday 25th of July 2018

We went to Shantytown to learn about fossils and rocks.
We really enjoyed the experience because it was a good
opportunity to learn about something that we had never
really studied before. Our favourite activities were when
we got to look at a fossil and draw it. Another of our
favourite activities were when we got to look through a
microscope at some really cool fossils.

We really enjoyed listening to Mary and Ian speak about
fossils because it was really interesting to hear. One of the
activities we did in a group was learning about the different
types of coal, some of the names were lignite, bituminous,
and anthracite. We then had to go to a fire and put it on the
flames and estimate how long it would take for the coal to catch on fire.

Another activity we did was we got to go for a walk with Mary,
we looked at the mudstone, limestone and other things that
were in Shantytown. It was really interesting learning about it
and were it is in Shantytown.

We learnt that coal can take a very long time to catch on fire. Part of this
activity was when we got given a piece of coal and a picture of all the coals
a description and we had to try and guess what our piece of coal was.

We also got given a rock at the end of the session, we also got to use a
hammer and and chisel to try and break open a rock and here is a picture of it:

Over all we thought the experience was good and it was really
interesting to learn about. We would like to thank Shantytown
for hosting it and we would also like to thank Mary and Ian for
teaching us about it all.

By Hannah and Caitlyn 2018

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Nga Taonga Puoro: Purerehua

Ruma Tahi headed out into the wild to try out our purerehua before our interclass challenge with Ruma Ono.

It takes a lot of 'wriggle and spin' to create the thrum of the purerehua! 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Beach Clean Up In May

Ruma Tahi spent a couple of hours picking up rubbish along the cycle way.
We were shocked at the amount of industrial waste!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Callaghan's Ridge Tramp WPC

This awesome team has just completed their first William Pike Challenge tramp.  The location was Callaghan's Ridge, Shamrock Creek to Goldsborough. Thanks to all of the parents who provided vehicle support and to those parents who also walked with us. Tumeke hikoi Ruma Tahi!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Hermits in Sea Week

This week students were reading about the origin of garden gnomes,
the decorative hermit.

Practising Decorative Hermit-Hazel

Max - decorative hermit.
They also looked at hermit crabs and made links between the
two forms of ‘hermits’.

These students are busy practising to be decorative hermits.  A decorative hermit
signed on for the job for seven years. During that seven years they were not allowed
to wash or cut their hair, beard or fingernails!

The job application required students to read aloud in a melancholy voice.
Some students read aloud for forty-five minutes!
Poppy - practising decorative hermit

Arly - practising decorative hermit

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Meme Challenge

This month part of our photography challenge was to create a meme of our choice.  Here are a couple of clever ones created by Cameron. The challenge is on!