Wednesday, 13 April 2016

End of Term One 2016

Kia Ora
This term the students in Room One at Karoro School have all worked very hard. This has made it extremely difficult to just select two or three for acknowledgement at the end of term assembly.   Consequently I would like to acknowledge everyone through this, our last blog post for the term.

These students have worked very well in their mathematical knowledge this term, making steady progress in our "Ladder Maths"basic facts programme. I was very impressed that many students chose to take work home to practice their mathematical skills. Matthew R., Beau, Sam, Josh, Molly, Bradley, Poppy, Aedan, Ben and Lakshitha. Congratulations also to Courtney who has moved up five steps in the programme this term.

These students have shown flair in literacy, working hard in their writing and reading challenges. Aleece, Fern and Tara.

These students have worked hard to understand and use their Chromebook to access and show their understanding of their learning. They have developed a lot of new technology skills this term and they have helped others by sharing their knowledge. Jack, Ryan, Kieran, Jayden, Niamh, Madison, Wil, Matthew M., Mitchell, Lochie, Guy, Kade (my IT expert helper!), Greanne, Gage, Emily, Allie, Summer.

These students have consistently completed the home learning tasks this term: Summer, Ryan, Jayden, Tara, Emily, Fern, Madison, Jack, Allie, Bradley, Gage, Matthew M., Mitchell, Poppy, Greanne, Kade, Aleece, Josh, Sam, Aedan, Ben, Molly, Lakshitha and Matthew R.  Everyone has home learning for the holiday break and we look forward to seeing everyone meet the expectations for this.

Everyone has shown that they can participate and contribute to the life of the school through positive involvement in the classroom programme and in school responsibilities. All students have shown respect for each other, sharing ideas and skills and responding to help and feedback.  It is a privilege to share the classroom with everyone. Have a happy holiday.

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