Thursday, 28 April 2016

Kia ora and welcome to Term 2

Welcome back to Ruma Tahi Karoro School.

The term starts with three new students joining us. We all hope that Finn, Connor and Reuben enjoy learning, creating, and sharing with us for the remainder of the year. Ruma Tahi is a busy place to be and we are all focussed on making progress in our learning and enjoying the great feeling of success.

This term we have also linked in to a new initiative called "Tuhimaituhiatu". This will require all of us to share our learning with two other schools.  We are in a group that includes a class from a school in Hornby and a class from St. Patrick's school in Greymouth. Each class will be posting shared learning and D.L.O.s on their class blog. Then students will have the opportunity to comment on each other's shared learning, collaborating inter-school, and using our classroom blog to engage a wider group of learners. More on that later...

Striking the flint.
In the last week of Term One our class kicked off our involvement in the W.P.C.A. Our first challenge focussed on developing basic bush craft skills, beginning with 'how to light and cook on a safe campfire'. We had to work in groups to plan a shared menu on a fixed budget. We also had to create a safe campfire poster or information flyer. You will soon be able to access our shared learning through our class website RumaTahi  under our topic button. In the meantime here are some photos to show what an awesome time we had. The view from the kitchen bench was beautiful.

Top Chefs in the making.
Open plan kitchen.
Everything tastes better outdoors.
One of the winning dishes. Delicious!


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  2. Guten tag Ruma tahi! Learning outdoor safety is very important. I have been tramping with my family and we have to use outdoor safety skills, too, but we don’t cook outside on an open fire because there are fireplaces in the huts. I think you should change the sharing permissions on your poster docs because I couldn’t access them. You have done very well with cooking those dishes - they look scrumptious!
    From Libby - St Patrick’s school

  3. Guten tag Ruma Tahi! Outdoors safety is important especially when you go camping, tramping or other outdoorsy stuff. Because when you do you need to learn what to do. It looked like a lot of fun. Could you please change the permissions on it because I was not able to access the poster. The food looked delicious though.

    From Maddison - St Patrick's school

  4. Hi I like the fire at the beach idea to cook your food on, it must have been really fun. I myself have done something at the beach a bit like that. Maby next time you could film some of it instead of just pictures.

  5. Hi Rauma Tahi school you're making me so hungry, I love the beach I am so jealous I think we should go to the Beach too. Next time, you could use matches as that will be a lot safer.

  6. wow those look yum if next time you make them please make a video

  7. wow the food is making me so hungry.Those photos are so amazing I liked how you guys were making the fire.Maybe next time you guys could probably video it next time.

  8. Hi it's Ossian wow your lucky to have 3 more students come to your class.Did you know that we just got a new member to his name is criss.those top chefs look professional and that food there cooking looks more yummy than my favourite food.

  9. Hello my name is Alexis. What did you cook? They look yummy.

  10. Cool guys it looks yummy!

  11. Kia ora Ruma Tahi,

    Your road trip looked really fun
    It looks epic I really like the way that you showed us in the picture how you were cooking.
    I really look forward to what events you are doing next.

  12. Hello

    I liked the way you went to the beach and had lunch on the beach and that you had a lot of fun there. Next time you could sleep there or have a school camp but it still looked cool. How did you get to the beach?


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