Thursday, 12 May 2016

Triangle Challenge

Ruma Tahi students were given a Triangle Challenge to complete as part of our mathematical inquiry into triangles. When we had completed the challenge we made Digital Learning Objects to show our understanding of our learning.

Please follow the links to some of our Digital Learning Objects.


  1. Kia ora Ruma Tahi karoro school’ my name is Brian I liked the digital learning objects page. It had lots of colour involved .Next time I think you could put all of the children's digital learning objects on.

  2. Great stuff Ruma Tahi! Can you please make your links viewable to 'anyone with the link'

  3. Hi Ruma Tahi @ Karoro school, it's Kyle here.
    I had a good look at all of your DLOs, and I must say they are all very cool!
    My fave DLO is Beau's one, since:
    a) There is an impossible triangle,
    b) There are GIFs of 3D shapes (nice touch, I should say), and
    c) There is a death star at the last page.
    The last page reminds me of the time I did a slide, and on the last page I put the TARDIS (a time machine from doctor who) flying, and wrote 'We are time lords!'(since the slide was about wibbly wobbly, timey wimey math.)
    By the way, have you seen my blog before?
    Oh wait, of course not. To see my wonderfully presented blog (well, only my newer posts), click the bottom link or copy and paste it into the search bar.
    And to see my poem I wrote, chuck this into your search bar.


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  4. kia ora ruma tahi

    kapai!!! your presentations are awesome.
    I will need to get some of you to show me how to do some of the animations when you are at technology.

    thank you for sharing your learning

    Mrs C

  5. Hi There Ruma Tahi!
    I think that your Triangle DLO's are a great piece of work. I think that my favourite DLO was Beau's DLO because:
    A: It had an impossible triangle
    B: Your Presentation had some pretty hard to understand triangle info in there!
    C: And finally it showed some of the triangle's in animation.
    Overall I think that all of your presentations are great!
    If you would like to check out my blog, here is the link:


  6. Hi Ruma Tahi
    i have had a look at some of your DLO's they are very good
    i have never heard of a tetrahedron,octahedron,icosahedron and a dodecahedron i was amazed to see some new triangles. i really liked looking at your DLO's
    By Emma O

  7. kia ora ruma tahi
    kaleb @ Grey main school
    I had a good look at most of your work I like Mitchell R work
    A)he explained his work really well
    B)He Putted Degrees to explain well too
    I hope you are had a fun time doing DLO
    From Kaleb H

  8. you have done a good job on your blog

  9. Hi my name is Shayla and you did really good guy


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