Sunday, 31 July 2016

Recount Writing - Ruma Tahi Tama

Boy’s Writing in Term 2
WALT write within the structure of a recount.          
Context: Tramping Callaghan’s Ridge
Audience:  New Zealand on-line audience.      Purpose: To create an interesting recount that might inspire others to take on the outdoor tramping experience.
Success Criteria: We will have met the learning criteria when we have clearly used the key features of a recount text to convey our experience of tramping Callaghan’s Ridge.
Mackay Shelter.jpg
Emergency Shelter - One tarpaulin and some string.
Whitcomb Shelter.jpg
Emergency Shelter - Two tarpaulins and some string.
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Unfinished Work
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Monday, 11 July 2016

Flight Investigations

Flight Investigations
WALT use the inquiry process to complete an investigation into an aspect of flight.
Context: Matariki
The inquiry process we used was called Action Learning:
Decide - Find - Use - Record - Present - Evaluate
Matthew M
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