Thursday, 25 August 2016

Ski Trip 2016

Health and Physical Education Level 4
WALT access and use information to make and action safe choices in a range of contexts.
WALT demonstrate a willingness to accept challenges, learn new skills, and extend abilities in movement-related activities.
WALT specify individual responsibilities and to take collective action for the care and safety of others in the school and in the wider community.
Ski Trip Responses
Incomplete at time of posting.
Finn (Absent)




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  1. Hi Ruma Tahi, it is great to read such a collection of wonderful experiences from the Ski trip. I notice that Ms Kemp is mentioned in the writing and appears in the photos as running along side students a lot. Did Ms Kemp ever get to ski? I'm pleased none of you ended up visiting me in the hospital with skiing injuries. Keep up the great writing work everyone. From Aedan's Mum.


Kia Ora, thank you for reading our blog. We would appreciate it if you could structure your comment in a positive, thoughtful, or helpful way because that is how Smart Learners in Ruma Tahi are learning to comment on other peoples blogs.