Friday, 2 September 2016

Grey District Library Poetry Competition Winner

A Little Bird Told Us: Congratulations Tara.

Winning entry for the Grey District Library Poetry Competition
Category: 13 Years old and under

The Season Pond

Sunset painting the wide clear sky with bright splashes of colour.
Underneath the pale light a small pond sits holding all the seasons in its grasp.

The frosty breath of white winter
The colourful swirl of the lively autumn
The watery marsh of rainy spring
And the beautiful growth of summer each defending their part of the pond.

Winter, clear sparkling ice like thick slippery glass and grass covered in a
Blanket of spotless snow as cold crisp and fresh as the air around it.

Autumn, a blend of colours blood red vibrant orange muddy brown and flashy
Yellow dancing together in the whirling wild winds.

Spring, water creeping slowly up the side of the muddy bank, tickling the side
Of the flowers side by side like friends linking arms in a chain.

Summer, flourishing with life insects buzzing over the rippling water filled
With fisf fast and happy, lilly-pads sitting peacefully on the surface of the
Glinting water.

Lively animals and healthy plants swarming the grassy bank.  All sides
Battling for their own side.

  • Tara


  1. Hi there my name is peeana,
    I'm from hay park school. congratulations on winning Tara.The bird saying your name was really cool.It reminded me of a book.Maybe you could tell me more.Maybe you could blog on my blog.

  2. Hi there,
    My name is Petulisa and I'm from Hay Park School. Great work on winning Tara. How did you feel when you found out you were the winner? Here is a link to my blog if you want to visit it:

    From Petulisa

    1. Dear Petulisa,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog! I really enjoy seeing people comment and view what we have been working on!

      I had felt really excited and surprised when I found out I had won! I had been at the library when they were telling the winning poems so I felt a little bit nervous as well. Afterwards we had a little celebration which was awesome! Poems are a fun version of art and I think you should try writing some in your spare time!

      Thank you again for commenting on our blog! We enjoy others positive helpful and thoughtful comments. It is great seeing what others think of our work! We hope you enjoyed our blog!

      Cya Tara!

  3. Congratulations Tara, this is a wonderful poem. I love the way you have so beautifully described every season so well that I can smell the leaves of Autumn and feel the cold, frosty breath of Winter. I can see how well you used your language skills to make the reader feel each Season and their fight at the pond. What made you decide on this theme for your poem? Keep up the great writing. From Aedan's Mum. :)


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