Thursday, 22 September 2016

Symmetry In Art-Art in Symmetry

Geometry Art - Walt: use the invariant properties of figures and objects under transformation (reflection-whakaata, rotation-hurihanga, translation-nekehanga, or enlargement).
We learned that the invariant properties included internal angles, area, basic shape. When a shape is rotated the lengths, area and angles within the shape do not change but the orientation/position of the shape does. When a shape is reflected the lengths, area and angles within the shape do not change but the orientation/position of the shape does. When a shape is translated lengths, area, angles and orientation/position do not change. When a shape is enlarged (or reduced) by a scale factor angles and orientation do not change but area and lengths do.

Ina titiro koe ki nga pikitia nei, he aha ou kitenga?
(What do you notice when you look at these pictures?)

Ka kite tatou i etehi mea pangarau i roto i nga pikitia? (Can we recognise any mathematics ideas relating to symmetry in the pictures?)


  1. Hi Ruma Tahi,
    I like the patterns that you've used in your art. My favourite one is the one with pikachu. What's your favourite art piece?

    From Petulisa
    In Rm 7 Scott Class Hay Park School

  2. Kia Ora Ruma Tahi,
    I like how you guys do your art because you guys create your own art. This is my question, do you guys do a lot of art? Thank you Ruma Tahi for shearing your art with me and other people. Have a great day.

    From Vonairay

  3. Kia Ora Ruma Tahi,
    I really love your guys art. Do you guy like to do art in your class? well we love to do art in our class. You guys are really great at art. Here is our class blog

    From Jahleena

  4. Kia Ora,
    I really like the nice art work. It looks amazing. I wish I could do art like you guys can do. I want to know if you guys do a lot of art in your class?

    From Anas

  5. Guten tag Ruma Tahi,
    I really like the creative art symmetry. To answer your first question I have notice that the drawing are the same. To answer your next question, I have notice that your first drawing has a timetable symbol in the middle. Did you learn anything?

    Alaskah at Hay Park School.

  6. Kia ora, My name is Peeana. I am a student from hay park school.I really like what you had done it is really cool. Some of the picture reminds me of cartoons like Pokemon.

    From Peeana At hay park school

  7. Hi Ruma Tahi,
    My name is Roman,

    This is cool, I love your drawing that you did. My favourite drawing is the Pikachu I really like it and the pokeballs behind it. It was really cool.

  8. Hi Ruma Tahi

    These symmetry arts are cool. My favorite one is the 4th drawing. Was it hard? How did you do it? Please check out my blog here

  9. Kia Ora Ruma Tahi,
    My name is Chevylee, I go to Paihia School and I in Te Ngahere
    Your art is spectacular!
    I used to love doing symmetry art!
    How did you get them to be symmetric?

  10. Kia Ora. My names Alex i like the art. Its very creative. Was it hard to do.

  11. Ki Ora Ruma Tahi,
    These look awesome!They are very detailed and I really like some of the patterns you have incorporated.I think I will have to try and make one myself. How long did they take to make?

    From Ella,
    Grey Main School

  12. Kia Ora Ruma tahi,
    My name is Makaveli and I go to Paihia School I really like the vibrant colors and patterns in your guy's art... One day I hope we can do art like that at My school.

  13. Hi Ruma Tahi
    I am Sylis from Panmure Bridge School. I think that the art you guys did looks amazing. I also like all the colours that you used. What did you use to colour it in?
    Good Job

  14. Hi Ruma Tahi,
    I am Viva from Panmure Bridge School. I would like to say that you're art looks fabulous.


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