Thursday, 17 August 2017

Poetry for Peace Week

Literacy Goals:
  • I am learning to make language choices that enable me to express myself concisely/exactly when writing for a particular purpose.

Context: Haiku for Peace Week 2017

Success Criteria- My haiku poem will include:
  • Synonyms  for peace in English and te reo Māori.
  • Images from nature that connect to my message for peace.
  • Simile or metaphor
  • Plurals

Haiku Sequence

A mad war rages
Peaceful countries are changing
People are rabid

Cold destruction looms
People fall dead on the ground
Te rongo changes worlds

Poisoning the air
Nuclear bombs starving for death
Everyone wants peace

Like sprayed weeds dying
People want to live longer
Fighting hard for peace

  • Arly

Peace Haiku

One can change it all
Peace is different to War
nuclear poisons mao

War is changing us
greed and hunger isn't a mix
war over comes peace

peace is a place we should kaiao
peace is like sun warm and bright
We should whakaaio

  • Poppy

Take a look around
What is this world turning to?
Make a difference

Our voice will be heard
We can roar like a lion
Resilience, just try

Spring birth of nature
Plants grow like our love for earth
Peace spread like butter

Stop and stare around
Silence listen, serene breeze
Tepid air surrounds

Restful call, the sea
Tangaroa soothes live souls
Crawls for harmony

Te Rangimarie
Tirohia te titiro
He aha te huri o tenei ao?
Hanga he rereke

Ka rangona to reo
Ka taea e tatou te hamama rite te raiona
Te tautuhi, te tamata

Te whanau whanau o te taiao
Ka tipu nga tipu hei aroha mo te whenua
Ka horahia te rongo kia rite ki te pata

Kati me te tirotiro
Whakarongo, whakarongo mai, he wera reka
Ka karapoti te hau o te taiao

Ko te karanga, ko te moana
Ko Tangaroa te wairua e ora ana
Nga pupuhi mo te pai

  • Greanne
Haiku For Peace

Loving and Hatred
Bombing like huge firecrackers
evil cold darkness

War cold as could be.
The smoke as black as rubber.
Could it be easy

The warm sunny days.
millions of smiles to last.
And air as clear as glass.

Lots of Souls were lost
Pakanga is so evil.
But peace takes over.

  • Josh C

Haiku Poems

Peace or war your choice
The Hiroshima bombing
Should help you today

Once a bomb has hit
The country will cry and cry
Dead kids on the ground.

A peaceful forest
Now like a meteor, bang
Animals all dead.

Men, women, children
Lying lifeless on the floor
       Families in grief.
  • Abby

Peace Comes From Your Heart

Peace comes from your heart
It is learnt and it is earnt
Break it, regret it

Tonight my kindred
Spirit guides them through the mist
Of the cloudy earth

I’ll take the fight tonight
When the wind blows and rain falls
And darkness fills skies

After it all we’ll
Be flying with no worries
Through purple and Puru

-Hakuna Matata- (Uncle Fern)

Haiku For The Times

Hail hitting my face

It's raining doggos and memes

Flowers dripping dew

- Fern

Haiku For Peace

Caves of ice, melted
The shade of the vibrant sun
Darkness flooding us

Dreams slowly faded
Nature falling into parts
Completely dark skies

Howling screams echo
One small voice can make a change
Can you spread the word

Tumanako cleansers the air
Doves circle the morning fog
Love highlights the sky

  • Lillie

Hoping for greatness
nguha for peace and for time
Nuclear strife, free world

Lots of people dead
hope for families of dead
For good life ahead

Gruesome bombing deaths
Hundreds of bodies wasted
Like stones on a beach

All those innocents
praying, “please don't drop again”
Rotting deaths in fields

By Noah and Max

War vs Whakaaio

War defeats world peace
Bombs create chaos and death
Peace defeats nguha.

People seek refuge
Rocky hills provide cover
Nature calls for help.                                      

War gives death and pain
Peace brings love and forgiveness
War and peace brings life.

When nature calls out
We ignore what we have done
We talk of new wars.

  • Hazel

Overcome War

Breathing frustration
Dignity lies beneath us
Nature our symbol

War never-ending
Liberty soon to be found
Like hideous gorse

Nature is silent
Filling us with unity
Trees leaves whispering

Fighting together
Making us brothers in arms
Whakaaio is here

Ko te raruraru
Kei raro ia tatou te honore
Te ahua o to tohu

Ka mutu te whawhai
Kaore e kitea te waimarie
Ka rite ki te paohu

Ko te Nature te noho puku
Whakakiia ana matou ki te kotahitanga
Ka waiho e nga rakau te mimiti

Te whawhai tahi
Te hanga ia matou he tuakana ki te patu
Kei konei te Whakaaio

  • Molly

Whakaaio Haiku

Tūī sings up high
Reassuring me of peace
No longer afraid

Steps are so quiet
Nature overwhelming me
Leaves falling like rain

Trees rise high above
Towering over my head
Blocking out the sky

Quiet, so peaceful
People talk amongst themselves
Speak of past horrors

  • Aleece


Misty Morning fog,
Like a smokey grey blanket,
Me in it’s embrace.
Flames eating forest,
Forests ablaze for humans,    
Will we bring water?

Doves settle in trees,
Tree leaves petting the white birds,
A symbol of peace.

Guns roar beside me,
Townspeople choke in black smoke,
Is there hope for us?
By Tara.
Peace haiku

Nature at its best
Colors are bright but precise
Amazing, complete

Ignored, then all gone
All that life, all that beauty
Destroyed, still ignored

Past wars still haunt us
Yet we still seek destruction
With more wars to come

Killing, to no end
We drown in a sea of grief
War devouring us

  • Mitchell

Sunlight shines above
  Beyond every one of us
    So warm and peaceful   

         Dark damp depressed clouds
           Pouring sadness like the wars
             All those hurt people

               Scared afraid clueless
                  Terrifying screams
                     Of the hurtful cries  
                          Then we pray for peace
                            Cry for the hope and freedom
                                Smile for our future!
  • Summer


The mad war is shaking
The countries are raging with fire
Bombs are being dropped

Nature is Kua ngaro
Bodies flying up in smoke
One country changes

Poison in the air
War is taking over peace
Silence is raging

War gives us death, pain
We are talking about wars
Who will invade next

Te Pakanga

E wiri ana te haurangi
Kei te riri nga whenua ki te ahi
Kei te heke nga perepi

Kua ngaro te Nature
Nga tipu e rere ana i roto i te paowa
Ka huri tetahi whenua

Poaka i te rangi
Kei te kaha te whawhai i te whawhai
Kei te kaha te riri

Ko te Pakanga e tuku mate ana, mamae
Kei te korero matou mo nga pakanga
Ko wai ka awhina i muri mai

  • Nyah Reweti


Whawhai and destruction.
Engulfing me in its darkness.
While I wait to die.

Whakaaio is no longer
Only death and destruction
The living are gone

Bright sky bursting with
Colour like a rainbow
Drowning the mountains

BBQ on the
Beach with friends and family
Happily talking

  • Miko

Peace Week Haiku

Life, love, happiness
Humans are made for loving
We resort to war

Evil ridden earth
Hatred and deceit takes over
A place without peace

Black smoke in the sky
Death in the air, life, nowhere
Haurangi, should be

Egos begging more
How many lives will they take
Peace is pulverised

By Finn

Free Verse

Suffering of the smoke.
Sounds of the bombs smashing onto the ground.
People trying to be in a safe place.
It would always be worse.
On the 6th of august 1945.
People striving to get out of the city.
They never knew it was coming there way.
Years later the burns of the radiation were still there.
The city burst into flames.
Seventy two years ago many people were killed.
Fresh trees and grass turned into kawau tui trees.
They need whakawhiti to replace the city.   
They destroyed the city.  

  • Wil

War And Nature

Scary dreadful war
Tearing everything apart
Nuclear bombs killing

Whaiwhai is te patu peace
People are screaming for help
But we ignore that

We forget about war
Instead think of our own tuhinga
Create more problems

When Āhua calls us
We ignore it completely
And stare into phones

A war hurting us
It’s like being hit by desks
Killing us with pain

  • Caitlyn

People are dying                              
from the cruel nuclear rain        
 a huge plane up high                       

Cancer is killing
Hiroshima was awful
Nature calls you

People do not care
We forget about nature
Whawhai is gruesome

A mad war rages

We ignore it completely

Killing us with guilt

  • cameron

War and Peace

                    Big bombs fall like small  leaves
                 Pain and suffering across the town
                       Chemicals spread like clouds
               Peace, what more could you ask for?
                 Sparkling water and blooming flowers
                               Will peace desist
                       Bombs start to come in tons
                             Cities flee like fleas
                          Millions die few survive
                Bombs drop, the apocalypse starts
                         Peace spreads like moss
      But all good things come to an end some day

  • Bradley

We Strive For Tranquility

We strive for tranquility
To be safe
However getting rid of a threat
Will make an even bigger one replace it
Somebody has to write history and it’s story
History of war is always written by the victor
When you destroy something
You will always make something else
Something to replace it
Persian, 100 years, Napoleonic, The World twice, A Cold and more
Wars have sequels
Whether it involves the same countries or not
The next war will always be much worse
War is a mass murder
As people we struggle to be in Kotahitanga
Greed, jealousy, pain, it’s felt by all
Green grass, fresh trees, Growing flowers
Wiped out by a new cloud

Eternal peace?
  • Josh R

Nature’s Voice

Nature calls for help
Peace is what everyone needs
War and peace brings life  

Wars just keep going
Nuclear bombs starving for death
Everyone dropping

Take a look around
What are we turning into
Let's make a difference

Nature’s gone silent
The lofty mountain calls out
We talk of new wars

  • Keisha
The night is freezing
Peace flies by and war stays here
Sadness is in the air

The day is boiling
Families celebrating
Peace, love and freedom

Fighting for their life
At war fighting for freedom
Together frightened

Reunited back
All sacred and overjoyed
Safely together

  • Zoe

Bomb’s dropping quickly,
a lot of people dieing,
Hurray wars over!

Poma dropping down
Whawhai are people shooting
Japan's going fast

Big Nuclear weapons
Toxic Gas getting breathed in.
Explosions are big

Peace to Japanese
Rebuild a whole new city
Loud Bells made of coins.   

  • Ryan   

War & Peace

He is an evil sorcerer he is walking along our lands.
He is satan himself.
He kills all that is good in this world.
His riched stench burns all types of nature.
He is the devil he can turn good men into evil titans.
He is the destroyer of worlds the end of all life.
Can you guess who he is. War/Nugha

She is the goddess of life herself.
she protects the living.
And stops the wars.
She is the stand she is the rebellion.  
She is the green the blue and the yellow too.
Can you guess who she is. Peace/Whakaaio

  • Gage

Peace we wish to have
Sadly whawhai, death we get
Lifes, love gone to waste                            

Bombs dropped everywhere
Dark black smoke colours the sky
And lots are dying

We do not want war
We want peace and to be free
From the disaster

We do not like war
So we really want world peace
And to be war free

  • Jack