Thursday, 29 June 2017

Holiday Home Learning

Holiday Home Learning
  • Two weeks is a long time in learning.  Key skills need to be practiced daily, even over the holidays.
Spelling Practice
Maths - Reading - Writing Practice
Continue with your Stepsweb practice.

Focus on moving to the next Steps To Literacy Level. E.g. STL2 to STL3

Complete the set activities on Studyladder.

Complete a couple of tasks each day. Don’t leave them until the last minute because you will not be able to access them.
Extra for extension:
  • Create a short recount of an event or activity you were involved in over the holiday break.  The recount might be made up of photographs, a video, a song, a poem, stop-go animation, a cartoon strip... think creatively. Try this link for creating a poster.

  • Think about signing up for the ICT Kids Conference next term. Follow this link to learn more.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Fidget Spinners - persuasive writing

Fidget spinners have been very popular in our school recently. Some people (students and teachers)think that they are okay in the classroom and others think that they are a distraction from the work. Should Fidget Spinners be allowed in class during class time or not?

Please read our work and help us to make a decision. Share your thoughts on our survey link.
Year 8 Persuasive Writing
Year 7 Persuasive Writing
Josh R