Monday, 19 June 2017

Fidget Spinners - persuasive writing

Fidget spinners have been very popular in our school recently. Some people (students and teachers)think that they are okay in the classroom and others think that they are a distraction from the work. Should Fidget Spinners be allowed in class during class time or not?

Please read our work and help us to make a decision. Share your thoughts on our survey link.
Year 8 Persuasive Writing
Year 7 Persuasive Writing
Josh R


  1. Hi Jack from Paroa here, great work room 1 it was very interesting to hear all your different opinions. Next time you could work on having all the links public.

  2. Kia ora Ruma Tahi,
    What a great idea to create a survey to encourage others to share their thoughts. Did you get many people filling in your survey? What were the results? I have listened to some of your video clips (some are not able to be accessed due to sharing settings) and have noticed that the ones I watched were opposed to fidget spinners. What is the rule at your school? I did learn that fidget spinners have been around for WAY longer than I realised!

  3. Hi my name is Jericho from Panmure Bridge School
    This was a great idea to make a survey on if you are aloud to keep fidget spinners in class. It also was very persuasive.

  4. Kia Ora Ruma Tahi me and my buddy enjoyed you blog post.We think fidget spinners should not be allowed in the classroom because we think that they are a detraction.
    From Yana and Mylee

  5. Hello Ruma Tahi, my name is AJ and I am from Panmure Bridge School in Auckland. I really enjoyed reading your post. I also liked listening to your reasons on why you think fidget spinners should and shouldn't be allowed at school.

  6. Hi Ruma Tahi, I am Oh Hsen from Panmure Bridge School in Auckland. All of you have different reasons on why they should or shouldn't be banned. A few of the links didn't give me access, so it would be great you could fix that. I think we should allow them in school but not during class/learning time.

    Oh Hsen

  7. Hi Ruma Tahi
    My name is Sylis and I go to Panmure Bridge School. I think that what you guys are doing is cool. I also liked listening to everyone give there opinion about fidget spinners.

  8. Hi my name is Eric and I am from panmure bridge school,
    I really work about fidget spinners. I have filled you survey and I agree that we should not allow fidget spinners at school. Really Well Done.

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  10. Hi. My name is Sanujan and I am a student at Panmure Bridge School. I really like the fact that you've used screencastify to express what you think. I also like the way that you created a survey on whether you should allow fidget spinners in class rooms. I personally think that you should not because they distract students. Anyway this is a great piece of work. KEEP IT UP.

    Yours Sincerely


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