Monday, 17 December 2018

Year 8 Tramp to Kopi o Kaitangata

Team Burgers

Bryce's genius specs and Josh's genuine optimism.

Alastair keeps an eye on proceedings.

Poppy... before she added cold water to the mashed spuds!

Max and Noah impress Nick with their gourmet dinner.

Marinated venison!

Sean helps Poppy out with lighting the cooker.

Zoe and Caitlyn made an "A" team.  They read the instructions!

The team assembled outside the Cannibal Gorge hut.

Lunch stop on the return trek.

Yes, Zoe, you really walked that far with that ENORMOUS pack!

Poppy and Sean: Thanks for the pack running Poppy.
Robbie celebrates!

Max and Noah are happy to be at this end of the track.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Place Based Learning

Mark from West Coast Surf begins instruction for Year 8s

We learned about waves, rips, and "washing machines"!

We completed our scavenger hunt.

A replica of an astrolabe was our final destination.

Beached as...!

Practising our stance... sideways surfing is a thing!

Year 7s at the astrolabe.
Wet suits on.

Board in hand and ready to go...

How it is done... usually the board is beneath you.

I am listening, really, I am.

Tauranga Bay

And on...

Great balance/stance.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

At the end of the tramp!

How have we benefited from participating in the William Pike Challenge?

William Pike Challenge: Croesus Track

Part one of the scavenger hunt could be located on the information board at the beginning of the track.

Beautiful beech forest.

The weather started out sunny and clear.

Through the creek (not a 'rill') and up the bank.

Across the 'rill' by log or rock.

1000m to walk to get to the Ces Clark hut.

Garden Gully hut.

The Garden Gulley side trip was a quick detour for some.

Then the hail arrived... just like the forecast predicted.

Sometimes sitting seemed like a better option than walking.

Three swing bridges had to be traversed.

Checking the loading for each swing bridge meant waiting patiently.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Beach Cook Out

Max's team work on collecting wood for their fire.

Every fire place needs a fire side seat!

First clear the fire pit, then put down your kindling.

After we had finished we took smothering the fire seriously.
Pot lots of sand did the trick!

Caitlyn's group had expert help!

Caleb found a comfy seat and Billy found a stick!

The modern version of two sticks...
AH and the bbq starter.

Cameron's tripod and camp stove were superb for the job
and Miko was a cracker chef!

Patties in the pan... burgers on the way!

Kebabs! Who whipped those up? Mmmmm!

Zac was a master on the steaks.
Imagine the luck of finding bricks at the beach!
Perfect for the grill to sit on.
Hazel recommends chilli sauce in a burger.

Great teamwork from Hannah and Jennae  

Sam was all about the steak! Well done or medium rare?

Gourmet fare on Karoro Beach.

And not just steak... potatoes too!

Serious smores Cam!

There were a lot of bananas and marshmallows...
 but only one group made pancakes!

Chocolate bananas cooked in the embers in tinfoil.  So good!

And then there was the super duper gourmet banana! Is that a balanced meal?