Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Kaniere Water Race Walkway

Lake Kaniere at the start of the Kaniere Water Race Walkway

There's gold in them there riffles!

Sean,  takes a well earned lunch break.
Sooo many steps!

Kai time!

Billy rests his laurels upon Jaxon.

Collected together at Kennedy's Creek

Fluming awesome walk!

Billy rests on Jaxon during lunch.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Digital Technologies Exporation


We recently completed a literature unit, “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes”.  This was to raise awareness, during Peace Week, about our global histories. During the unit two students, Miko and Noah, asked if we could make sushi because sushi was a food from Japan. We all agreed that this was a great idea and so we worked in pairs to decide on our ingredients and to make our sushi.

Most people used the traditional sushi mat to roll their sushi. One group used the modern technique of a plastic sushi tube! Everyone had a go at making and eating sushi. The catch was that we had to eat our sushi using chopsticks! Adventurous cooks even attempted eating wasabi and / or pickled ginger for the first time.

At the end of the session we all agreed that we should try to make a new food each term. We are now on the hunt for a great story to provide a background to our next culinary adventure!

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Te Uru with 10CH from Grey High

Shout out to the wonderful crew from 10CH at Greymouth High School.  

Today this class of awesome Year 10s came to Karoro School and taught Ruma Tahi some new skill drills and the game "Te Uru".  To play Te Uru players pass the ball to team mates who must catch the ball with a flat handed catch. Players cannot run or walk with the ball. Players cannot knock the ball out of the hands of another player. If a player catches the ball with two hands then the ball is turned over to the opposition team.

Points are made when a player catches the ball while standing on one of the four end 'spots'. The 'spot' is then removed from play. 

Thanks for the fun and the new learning 10CH! Let's do it again sometime soon.

Caleb was a Te Uru ninja! 


Great instructions from Ella, Reed, Sean and Vinessa


Allie and Reuben gave clear instructions.

Capture the spot!

"Piggy in the middle with a flat hand catch!"


Lincon sets up for the pass.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Ski Day

Lesson One: One ski on and one ski off.

Jaxon gets a helping hand up the slope.

Jennae takes a moment to chill. Unexpectedly!

Bryce cruises up the magic carpet.

Grace, Daniel and Milan head back up the slope.

Cameron makes it all look easy.
Zac has no trouble with the jumps.
The usual suspects line up: Josh, Hannah, Arly, Nyah and Sean

Dakota and Billy line up while Milan practises her 'dab'.

Rebekah and Dakota

Josh has mastered the magic carpet.
Callan showed great balance.
Glenn and Daniel were an awesome team.
Max is ahead of the crew.
Clem was a fast learner.
Cullam leans into the uphill ride.

Eamon later graduated to the intermediate slope.