Thursday, 12 April 2018

Callaghan's Ridge Tramp WPC

This awesome team has just completed their first William Pike Challenge tramp.  The location was Callaghan's Ridge, Shamrock Creek to Goldsborough. Thanks to all of the parents who provided vehicle support and to those parents who also walked with us. Tumeke hikoi Ruma Tahi!


  1. Congratulations on completing your first William Pike challenge tramping. It looks like spectacular NZ bush. Did you recognise lots of our native trees as you tramped? How long did the tramp take you? Do you know if there are kiwi in the bush there?

  2. Well done to you all on completing the walk. I can not believe you are the Year 7 and 8's this year. You have all grown up so much. I am really excited to hear that you are doing the William Pike Challenge this year - you will get a lot out of it I am sure. Keep working hard, and keep smiling.
    From Amanda Sargeant (once known as Mrs Ewan)


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