Thursday, 26 July 2018

Nga Taonga Puoro: Purerehua

Ruma Tahi headed out into the wild to try out our purerehua before our interclass challenge with Ruma Ono.

It takes a lot of 'wriggle and spin' to create the thrum of the purerehua! 

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  1. Greetings Ms Kemp,
    I am a student that attends Panmure Bridge School. I think this blog post about your challenge with Ruma Ono is really intersting. I hope that your challenge with Ruma Ono will be a very good challenge. I think you should add in more videos of different people so then we could see some cool tricks you've guys had done. Remeber to keep up the great posts!.


Kia Ora, thank you for reading our blog. We would appreciate it if you could structure your comment in a positive, thoughtful, or helpful way because that is how Smart Learners in Ruma Tahi are learning to comment on other peoples blogs.